Love Song

Ljubavna pjesma

Timeless evergreens with Dalmatian touch are echoing the novel Love Song,which  main character Bud Bulin shars his feelings only with those which are understanding his roots, his singers, his homeland. Because the story begins in California and mainly is set in New York. Hi is an actor, survinving as a singer and pianist in jazz clubs and Croatian reataurant in NYC. His acting is brilliant and transformative, but he is doing that as a protection of the  world around him which is hypocrat and two faced. He is mysterious and introverted, with charisma and huge sensibility-often vulnerability.

Resentment and hurt in love, with leads him through his american journey on a road to his inner peace and spotlight Finding his song which is actually allusion to find resonance with his feelings, Bud encounters many people which are building him part by part his melody.

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